Monday Music (5/1/17)

“Occult Architecture Vol. 1” By: Moon Duo

Monday, May 1, 2017

occult art

Happy May everyone! What would be a better way to start a new week and a new month than with some great tunes. The album I’m telling you about this week is an album perfect for any commuting or extensive traveling you may have to do this week. As the giant cover image shows, I am talking about the newest album by the psychedelic-rock band, Moon Duo.

“Occult Architecture Vol. 2” was released back on February 3rd, of this year. Moon Duo packs in a lot of energy and imagery throughout the whole album, while still leaving plenty of space for the listener to add their own interpretations to the music. However, there really isn’t getting around the energy part, as each song on this album is seemingly moving faster than the speed of sound. A heavily distorted and effected guitar is matched with a whirlwind of synthesizers to keep each song surrounding your ears with noise. Also accompanied by drums that don’t do to much, but do just what is needed to keep the music fast and intense. Lastly, a dreamy vocal is present on each track; sometimes clean and easily understood, other times, the vocal is heavily manipulated to the point where you think your ears are lying to you.

Moon Duo is currently working on the second part of this two volume set called, “Occult Architecture Vol. 2,” which is scheduled to be released some time in May, 2017. This first part, “Occult Architecture Vol. 1” is suppose to represent a more darker theme, or as Moon Duo puts it, it is based more around Winter. The second volume is suppose to be much lighter and suppose to make the listener think of Spring and Summer. You can listen to an interview, as well as a live performance, by Moon Duo on KEXP Radio here.


Listen to “Occult Architecture Vol. 1” by Moon Duo on Spotify.

Also Check Out:

“Vultures” by Lights and Motion

vultures artLights and Motion is an instrumental band based out of the UK. On January 20th of this year, Lights and Motion released their fourth studio album, “Dear Avalanche.” Since listening to the album multiple times, I can confidently say that “Dear Avalanche” is more than just an album of good music, but it is a collection of highly detailed and carefully put together pieces of art. Today, Lights and Motion released a b-side from the album called “Vultures.” Much like the rest of the album, “Vultures” is a beautiful song to put on and just enjoy. It is a song ideal for ending your day with ease. Whether stress from work or school is getting to you, you are having personal issue, or you just had a bad day, “Vultures” will help you forget about the bad, and get you ready for the good.

Listen to the song “Vultures” by Lights and Motion on SoundCloud.


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