Moon Duo “Occult Architecture Vol. 2”

occult vol 2

Moon Duo have released the lighter side of their two part series, “Occult Architecture Vol. 2.”

Released: 5/5/17

Back in February of this year, the psych-rock duo released “Occult Architecture Vol. 1.” An album that truly brought some edge to the duos sound. Heavy, distorted guitars and spacey, waving synthesizers guide through the entirety of volume one.  While the guitars and keyboards are all present in volume two, they are much more “dreamy,” and present a lot of room for the listeners own, personal interpretation of the meaning of each of the songs. In my personal opinion, the best way I can describe this album is as an album that is perfect for dreaming.

“Occult Architecture Vol. 1” was intended to be a darker album. Not darker as in sorrowful or depressing, but darker in terms of the time of year. The band stated that themoon-duo1 first volume is suppose to represent winter, cold, the mellow time of year. It is representation of the more somber time of year. With “Occult Architecture Vol. 2,” the goal was to represent spring and summer. The album is suppose to have a much lighter sound and be more “major chord” based. There is a distinct different between the two albums. If you listen to the song “Cold Fear,” off of volume one, and compare it to the song “Sevens,” off of volume two, the difference in vibe, feeling, set up and overall direction of the songs are completely different. Both highly enjoyable to listen to, but for completely different reasons.

“Occult Architecture Vol. 2” contains five tracks, each extending over six minutes long. The last track, “The Crystal World,” is a ten minute long journey through looping grooves, jubilant chords, and spacey backbeats. The song is truly left up for interpretation by the listener. It provides a guide for the listeners thoughts. The entire album is a perfect album to get into the summer season. It is light, upbeat, uplifting; it has what everyone needs at this time of the year.

“Occult Architecture Vol. 2” tracklist:

  1. New Dawn
  2. Mirror’s Edge
  3. Sevens
  4. Lost in Light
  5. The Crystal World

“Occult Architecture Vol 2.” is now available to purchase, stream, and/or download at the following places:

Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, SoundCloud



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