Monday Music (5/8/17)

“Alpha” by The Midnight Wolves

Monday, May 8, 2017

tmw alpha

For this Music Monday, I want to shine some light on a band close to home. I’m a strong believer in getting lesser known bands heard and this band I am talking about today are too good not to know about. The Midnight Wolves are a rock duo from Northeast, Ohio that deliver a lot of drive and energy in their music. They recently released “Alpha,” their debut, full length album. I recently was able to see The Midnight Wolves in concert and they played with such drive. I can confidently tell you that the same passion and drive is present in this album.

The first peak listeners had of “Alpha” was through the single “Hammerhead.” For those who heard Hammerhead prior to the album, the hype was real. If the album was going to be anything like the single, fans had a lot to look forward to. The Midnight Wolves really delivered on the hype. “Alpha” is a half hour album that runs the listener through a mix of emotions. Some songs hit on a more deeper chord while others are just a blatant good time. One of the best aspects about this album is that it makes the listener want more. The Midnight Wolves did an excellent job at packing the album full, but not over packing it. There is a high level of enjoyment that comes from “Alpha,” and if it doesn’t make you feel something, then you need to check you ears.

There is a high importance in today’s society to support indie. Whether it’s music, movies, comics or whatever, supporting independent artists is important. Why put money into those who are already rich when you can support a local artists and receive a product with generally more feeling? I’m not saying don’t go and buy what you like, but simply, give indie a chance. If you are new to the indie scene, then I highly recommend “Alpha.” The amount of effort that went into this record is worth way more than seven dollars. So please, treat yourself, sit back, and enjoy “Alpha.”

“Alpha” by The Midnight Wolves is available at the following:

Spotify, iTunes, Amazon

Also Check Out:

“Machinist” by Japanese Breakfast

If you have not heard of Japanese Breakfast, you need to fix that. You need to fix that japan break imageRIGHT NOW. Their first album “Psychopomp” was more than just a fun, poppy album. It is a cure for sadness. It has been a little over a year since “Psychopomp” and Japanese Breakfast is back with new music! They just recently announced a new album entitled, “Soft Sounds From Another Planet.” With the announcement of the new album, they dropped their first single “Machinist.” If you are wondering if you are going to like Japanese Breakfast, start here with “Machinist,” then go listen to “Psychopomp,” in full, listen to “Machinist” one more time and then make your decision.

Listen to “Machinist” here: Bandcamp


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