Monday Music (5/15/17)

“Celebration Rock” by Japandroids

Monday, May 15, 2017

japandroids celebration rock cover

Let’s rewind time to five years ago in May, 2012, when Canadian rock duo, Japandroids blessed us with their, arguably, best album yet. From the second you hear the fireworks open for the first track, you know “Celebration Rock” is going to be an energetic and fun album. The album is about 35 minutes long, but it goes so fast, it will feel like it’s over in five. This is an album that should be played loud and proud. Don’t worry about offending anyone if you are playing this at such volumes that people a mile away from you can hear it. They need to hear it too! The reason I mention this album now is because, this is a great album for summer. With schools being let out and weather starting to feel like summer, this was the best time to mention “Celebration Rock.”

In the summer of 2012, the first time I heard this album was when I was driving home with my dad and he put it on. After that one time of listening to “Celebration Rock,” I couldn’t stop. I played this album everyday for that entire summer. It is a feel good album, and it has perfect “hype” music. It is difficult to listen to this album and sit still. You will want to be moving or doing some sort of activity. “Celebration Rock” is also perfect driving music, you should make sure your commute is at least ten minutes so you can get a couple of songs in.

In January of this year, Japandroids returned from a four year hiatus with a new album entitled, “Near to the Wild Heart of Life.” This album shows a different side of Japandroids, with more synthesizers and acoustic guitars being present. It shows a different tone from Japandroids, a more emotional and vulnerable side. After you are done listening to “Celebration Rock,” go give “Near to the Wild Heart of Life” a listen!

You can listen to “Celebration Rock” by Japandroids on Spotify.

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Listen to “Fools Errand” on Spotify.


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