Music is a part of almost every human beings life. True, there are some people that just aren’t that into music, but they still experience music on a weekly basis. Here at Coduto’s Corner, music is what keeps this blog alive. I am Mike Coduto, a current student at Kent State University, trying to get a degree in education in order to teach the youths of America. However, more importantly to myself, I am trying to make it in music. Whether it is writing music, performing music, or writing about music, I am working towards the dream of being involved in music for my entire life.

What you can find on this blog; well for the most part, album reviews, recommendations and first impressions. Most album reviews will be about new albums and will be posted closely to the albums release. There is also an ongoing write up every Monday called “Monday Music.” This is where I will take an album that is new, or “new-to-me,” and write about it. The goal of Monday Music is to give you, the reader, some music that might also be “new-to-you,” to start your week off with. There will also always be an extra shoutout at the end of Monday Music for something else to try out. The purpose of this is to give more indie or local artists some publicity. There is a lot of great, unknown music out there that deserves some sort of shoutout.

Besides music, there will also be occasional movie, comic and other write ups. These will be much more occasional but I like to try and provide different content for all readers. Again, some of you might think music is nothing but might have a profound love for movies. I want to do my best to provide content for all readers.

Lastly, thank you so much for stopping by. I know there are hundreds of blogs out there and if you decided to give mine a chance, thank you. I hope this site is able to provide you with some entertainment, even if it was just for five minutes. So, thank you again, look around the site, leave some feedback, and stay tuned for more!